I am not going too spend too much time typing, but I just have to tell you how insanely excited we are!

We have to get right back to work as we are working around the clock to get the new Sam DuPont website up and post all of our wonderful jewelry & accessories for you to see.  Phase 1 of the virtual storefront is almost complete (whew!) and we still have fabulous baubles arriving daily- the site should be fully live and ready for shopping this Tuesday (fingers crossed)!  We are are so ecstatic about all of the wonderful loot that has been arriving daily via land, air & sea.  Please feel free to surf around to view the first few things we have up for your precious perusal.  In the meantime, fingers are a popping and cameras are still a snapping!

So this summer will be jewelry-centric, because two toddlers have been keeping this designer and her family very busy this year!  I have been wearing my creative hat and collaborating with some very talented people to bring everyone something very special.  We have been working passionately, sourcing fabulous materials & textures from around the globe,so please stay tuned for the seasons to come, when we will expand to include lifestyle accessories for the men in our lives, children, and eventually home too!

What to wear first?  Bertie says, "Bracelet, mum!  More, bracelet!"  She is quite enamoured by our debut collection of Devi Cuffs.  Mouth-watering color makes them as emotional as they are beautiful!    It is hard to pick a favorite, and I have to admit, mine changes daily.  Bertie NEVER stops at one cuff but her current top pick is The Mondrian cuff in Polished Pink & Coral http://www.shopsamdupont.com/collections/the-devi-cuff-collection/products/mondrian-pattern-devi-cuff - not surprising from a little 2 year old rising star who never forgets to accessorize!  Me, I  can't get enough of the Disco Dot Cuff in Lilac & Lemon http://www.shopsamdupont.com/collections/the-devi-cuff-collection/products/disco-dot-pattern-devi-cuff-1 - two super sweet colors of the summer season- so fresh with crispy white linen & denim.  So yummy!

 Please tune in to our blog as I will be posting info for some private events we will be holding for our soft launch this season.  If you are in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Middleburg, Va or Beaufort, SC, you are in luck.  Please feel free to contact us directly at info@shopsamdupont.com with any comments or questions regarding where you can see our product in person.  Thank you for reading, and Bertie will be back with more news shortly.  Right now she needs my attention as she wants dance to the Ting Tings on YouTube.  Gotta go!

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L.B. says:

congrats sam! xoxo l.b.

Sharon Schwartz says:

Couldn’t be more proud than your own mother. Can’t wait to see the pieces in person. Will forward this to all the fashionistas on my contact list. I am sure they will be lining up for some of your exciting pieces. Best of luck on your new venture! Love to the family! S.

Hollis Zimmer says:

Can’t wait to see the bling!!!

Rein du Pont says:

Lovely start! These are really nice.
I will forward this site to my friends!


Alison Mayer says:

Go Sam! Go Bertie! So impressed! xox

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