Gold Foil Collection

The Gold Foil Collection represents a beautiful marriage of precious metals. Sterling Silver and Brass are hammered into intricate shapes & patterns that are draped or pieced together and then brushed in 24 karat Indian gold to create exquisite, weightless movement & glamour.  These featherweight pieces are versatile, easy to wear and the perfect compliment to sun-kissed skin.

Textures & Architecture

The warm and skin-flattering hue of 24 karat Indian gold vermeil is artfully molded into various delicate and rich textures such as paper mache', rattan wicker, and various molded sculpture to create gallery quality pieces at an affordable-luxury price.  One piece from this collection elevates any outfit from simple to sophisticated.

Lacquer Enamel Collection

Customized patterns of high-gloss, lacquer enamel in rich, vibrant hues are painted carefully by hand on to the warm glow of 24 karat gold plated solid brass.  This  collection of affordable luxury offered in a spectrum of color, is a flawless mix of spirit, worldliness & functionality.  Hand-crafted in India by local artisans in support of ethical & sustainable production of goods.

Deco Collection

A unique collection of Indian gold vermeil includes a mix of hand painted enamels and stones with clean, geometric cuts. These multi-faceted stones emit a high sheen and reflective quality that light up the face while making a modern & fresh statement with a nod to the past: the coveted Deco period of costume jewelry.

Matte Metallo Collection

Our matte Matte Metallo collection hails from a collaboration with skilled artisans in Italy who specialize working with laser technology hand-applied to various mediums of metal.  Lightweight statement earrings, pendants, necklaces and cuffs are hand-crafted from thin, treated sheets of galvanized brass, sterling silver and rose gold over brass.  These designer pieces offer a hint of futuristic-modern without sacrificing softness and femininity.  Truly unique.